Avocado Pasta

A favourite of our Farm Shop Manager Emily, she cooks it with her 3 year old daughter who calls it ‘Hulk Pasta’, because it's green and makes you grow big and strong! A cunning way to get little ones to eat their veg.


  • 2 avocado ripe
  • 500 g pasta
  • 2 or 3 garlic cloves depending on how much you love garlic
  • 200 g cherry tomatoes
  • 100 g grated vegan red leicester cheese to sprinkle on top - optional


  • Bring pasta to the boil in a pan until soft
  • Pour some of the pasta water into a blender and add avocados and garlic. Blend to a consistency you prefer - Emily personally likes it with some texture so doesn't blend it for too long
  • Drain water from the pasta and plate the pasta into bowls
  • Add the blended avocado mix to the pasta dish, then the chopped tomatoes and cheese