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Open from 10am-4pm (last entry) each day until we are picked out.

Strawberries, Raspberries & Blackberries

We've been growing summer berries at Canalside for more than 35 years. Our farm currently producers over 40 tonnes of strawberries, raspberries and blackberries per season. We now sell all of our berries through our Farm Shop or via our Pick Your Own experience out on the Farm.

What makes our Pick Your Own experience special?

  • Long picking season – from May through to September
  • Our raised, waist height plants make picking easy for any age
  • We are wheelchair and pushchair friendly
  • Biological & cultural control keep our plants naturally healthy
  • We select, grow and renew all our varieties based on taste

Strawberry varieties available from late May to September

Elsanta – An aromatic, glossy, succulent berry with outstanding flavour

Malling Centenary – Superb flavour with beautiful conical shaped berry’s 

Malling Allure – Lighter in colour than the Elsanta with a firmer texture and a delicious sweet flavour.

Raspberry varieties available from early July to Mid August

Octavia – Red juicy berries, full of flavour

Glen Ample – Deep red in colour, large in size and succulent in flavour

Glen Dee – Large, fleshy berries that keep well when picked


Blackberry varieties available from late July to September

Loch Ness – Large, dark, firm juicy berries with a tangy taste close to that of wild blackberries

Pick Your Own Halloween Pumpkin!

This year we have planted over 10,000 squash, gourds, and pumpkins for you to pick, including the Turk’s Turban, Cougar, Corvette, Bentley, Secretariat and tasty Orangita variety!

If you are coming to pick any of our summer berries with us, you can keep an eye on their progress as they are growing to the right hand side of the Farm Lane.

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Small farm shop of the Year 2020

It's official! We have been awarded Small Farm Shop of the Year at the FRA Awards! Thank you to all of our wonderful customers for your continued support!