Pick Your Own Experience Closed For the Next Few Days...

Please keep an eye on our social media for the latest information about dates we are open.

When we are open:

Entry fee: £1 per person

Children age 2 & under enter for free.

No need to book.

Pay for any fruit picked by weight at the end.

Strawberries: £6.99 per kg

Dogs are welcome as long as they are kept on their lead please.

Pick Your Own Strawberries & Raspberries

We've been growing summer berries at Canalside for more than 35 years. Our farm currently produces over 40 tonnes of strawberries & raspberries per season. We now sell all of our berries through our Farm Shop or via our Pick Your Own experience out on the Farm.

What makes our Pick Your Own experience special?

  • Our raised, waist height plants make picking easy for any age
  • We are wheelchair and pushchair friendly
  • Dogs are welcome as long as they are kept on their leads
  • Biological & cultural control keep our plants naturally healthy
  • We select, grow and renew all our varieties based on taste

Strawberry varieties:

Malling Centenary – Superb flavour with beautiful conical shaped berry’s. Super shiny & giant fruit, these are our early strawberries which we hope to have available from late-May, but please keep an eye on our social media for a confirmed date.

Parlando - Long flower stems, large, attractive fruit. Long and conical shape & intense red colour. Excellent sweet-sour flavour combination, and a fragrant strawberry aroma. This variety will be ready early-mid June.

Malling Vitality -  The attractive, well flavoured, glossy fruits also have a good firmness and shelf life. Available in June.

Malling Allure - This late season variety produces shapely, juicy fruits with a deliciously sweet flavour. The orange-red berries are borne in abundance from June to July, producing impressive crops. The fruits of Strawberry 'Malling Allure' are of particularly high quality with uniform shape and firmness. They also keep well after picking, so although it’s tempting, there’s no need to eat them all at once!


Raspberry varieties:

Glen Ample – Deep red in colour, large in size and succulent in flavour. Our Raspberries tend to be available from July - August, for confirmed dates please just keep an eye on our social media.

Yana - produces sweet tasting raspberry fruit. It has relatively high sugar content, however it has a distinct strong raspberry taste. It is also very juicy which may be due to its size. Being bigger it holds more juice. It is very tasty in the sense of it having a classic raspberry taste and because it is very juicy it creates a very good balance.

Glen Mor - aptly named, translating from Scots Gaelic, meaning large, big or great, it produces large, robust, firm raspberries. The fruit is described as tasting fruity and sweet, but with a balance of acidity and notes of coconut.

Maize Maze

Our Maize Maze has now been planted. We will keep you updated with it's progress but hope that it will be ready in August for you to enjoy!

Pick Your Own Pumpkins

This year we have planted over 15,000 squash, gourds, and pumpkins for you to pick, including the Turk’s Turban, Crown Prince, Queensland Blue, Ghost and tasty Orangita variety.

These will be available to pick from the first weekend in October.

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