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“If you need any local cycling advice drop in and ask for Chris!”

Hello, Chris here! As well as being farmer-owner of Canalside Farm I am a passionate cyclist, who rides over 50 miles a week across Cannock Chase and the surrounding countryside. This is why it is so important to me that our farm is ‘Cyclist friendly’, providing facilities and services which help make your ride to our area more enjoyable.

We provide an ideal meeting place to start a ride, take a mid-point refreshment stop or celebrate your day’s achievements! We are fortunate to be situated near to Staffordshire’s most prestigious cycling events during the year, so if you are involved in them or plan to go along to cheer on your favourite competitor do drop in to see us.

Located in Great Haywood on the UK’s National Cycle Network, I have mapped some lovely local rides for you to enjoy (see below). We hope to see you when you’re passing our way, meanwhile I wish you a safe, exhilarating cycle ride where ever the road may take you!

The Greenway Code for cyclists on UK towpaths:

1. Please keep an eye out for ‘no cycling’ signs along the way. Not all towpaths are open for cycling.

2. Pedestrians have priority on towpaths!

3. Avoid cycling where your tyres would damage the path or verges (e.g. when they are wet or soft).

4. Watch out for anglers’ tackle and please give them time to move it before you try to pass.

5. Never race one another or perform speed trials on towpaths! If you need to get somewhere quickly, use the road.

6. Give way to oncoming people beneath bridges and be extra careful at bends and entrances where visibility is limited.

7. Try to avoid wearing headphones as this makes you less aware of your surroundings and possible hazards. You may also miss out on the birds singing!

8. At all times, please share the space and consider other people and the local environment.

Follow these hints and tips for a trouble-free towpath ride:

1. Access paths can be steep and slippery. Please join or leave the towpath with care.

2. If you do find yourself on a towpath after dark (although we don’t recommend it!), do look out for mooring ropes and pegs where boats are tied up. We don’t want you to have a nasty fall!

3. The beauty of towpath’s is that they take you away from civilisation. However, thorny hedge trimmings along the way can cause punctures so be prepared. We don’t want your ride to come to an abrupt end and a long push home!

4. The quality of a towpath is important for enjoyable and safe cycling. They are easiest to navigate in dry weather conditions.

Click this link to plan other cycling rides around Staffordshire


Cycling is a great way of exploring Staffordshire’s network of canals and getting some exercise at the same time! If you’re planning a day out on your bike why not incorporate one of our cycle routes into it. They are suitable for all ages, are away from busy roads and take in the wonderful wildlife and countryside scenery which make our area so special.

ROUTE 1: Historic Canals, Beech Woodlands & Shugborough Estate

Distance: 4 miles

Canalside Cycle Route 1

ROUTE 2: Trent & Mersey Canal, Cannock Chase & Shugborough

Distance: 5 miles

Canalside Cycle Route 2

ROUTE 3: Stafford to Great Haywood Canal Junction and back!

Distance: 10.5 miles

Canalside Cycle Route 3

Free copies of our Cycle Routes are available to pick up in the Farm Shop

[We are located at GPS coordinates (latitude / longitude):  52.805376 / -2.007860]

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