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PYO strawberries

‘Pick Your Own’ Strawberries, Raspberries & Blackberries

“Enjoy a quintessential British summer pastime”

 Open daily from 9am to 5pm (mother nature permitting!)

Chris with Canalside Farms first PYO strawberries-May-2016

A message from Farmer Chris

“I have been growing and nurturing summer berries for over 30 years. Our Farm currently producers over 50 tonnes of fruit per season, 80% of which is distributed to high-end catering and retail establishments across Staffordshire and 20% which we keep especially for our own customers. This year we have some new award winning varieties which I hope you will enjoy eating as much as I have enjoyed growing!”

We look forward to seeing you soon – Happy Picking!

John Acres of BBC Radio Stoke visited our PYO on its opening day, 26th May 2017


 Listen to John’s interview with Chris & Anna Barton

Join John on a short walk through our strawberries!


Botanical name: Fragaria ×ananassa

farm strawberry plants

Open: Late May to September

Our Varieties

Elsanta – An aromatic, glossy, succulent berry with outstanding flavour

Centenary – Superb flavour with beautiful conical shaped berry’s 

Sonata – Juicy with a sweet taste and a clear strawberry aroma


Botanical name: Rubus Idaeus


Open: Mid June to Late July 

& September

Our Varieties

Imara  – Red juicy berries, full of flavour

Glen Ample –  Deep red in colour, large in size and succulent in flavour

Glen Dee – Large, fleshy berries that keep well when picked


Botanical name: Rubus Fruticosus

pick your own farm blackberries

Open: Mid August to September

Our Varieties

Loch Ness – British bred, glossy black conical fruit with a rich tangy taste. Also perfect for Jam!


Stage 1: Plant

young strawberry plant canalside farm

We have over 112,000 Strawberry plants and replace them every 12-16 months to ensure a quality crop every year. To get them off to a good start we hand nurture the young plants in temperature controlled environments on ‘table tops’, which makes picking easier, allows for a better nutrient supply and results in an extended season so you can keep buying British!

Stage 2: Nurture

Our plants are grown in a combination of glasshouses and poly tunnels (recycled). The strawberries are self-pollinating, but we do call upon a colony of bees during the season to ensure the different varieties bloom as nature intended! The plants are watered up to 10 times a day during the hottest times to ensure they keep producing large and juicy berries throughout summer!

Stage 3: Harvest


As soon as our first crop ripens in early May, our seasonal fruit pickers set their daily alarm for a 5am start! They will work through to late August to provide local high-end catering and retail establishments with freshly picked boxes of strawberries – including the luxury Moat House in Acton Trussell, Freshview Foods in Newcastle Under Lyme and our own Canalside Cafe!

Stage 4: PYO

strawberry picking

Open from late May to early September we keep eight strawberry plant tunnels for the exclusive use of our customers, and rotate their opening with the aim of ensuring there are always plenty of berries to pick! We provide punnets for you to fill and you can also bring along your own larger containers if you’re planning a bumper jam making session or a neighbourhood garden party!

Stage 5: Enjoy!

canalside farm scones

Throughout the season our Strawberries take a starring role in Canalside’s Afternoon Teas and Farm Shop jams! We would love to know what you do with your berries when you get them home…if they make it that far! Please email us a photo of your strawberry creations so we can put them on our Customer Gallery or post on our Instagram page! Thank you and Happy Picking!

See Farmer Chris’s tips for growing sweet and juicy Strawberries at home!

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Please note, if you are a party of 15 or more, do complete our groups booking form to ensure that we cater for all your needs during your visit. Thank you.