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“Farming and planting are our passion”

At Canalside Farm we have been growers of market produce for over 30 years. Throughout this time our aim has always been the same – to produce high quality, seasonal fruit and vegetables full of flavour.

We specialise in growing award winning Strawberries, Raspberries and Blackberries in a protected environment on raised-up beds called ‘table tops’. With this system we can give our Farm Shop and Café customers an extended fresh fruit season, and offer a ‘Pick Your Own‘ service from late May through to early October.

We continue to sow and nurture an abundance of other crops throughout the year with the aim of delivering your food from ‘field to plate’. Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Courgettes, Runner Beans, Rhubarb, Aubergines and Peppers are regularly included in our growing programme.

A particularly exciting vegetable for us is Asparagus, which we have been steadily growing and maturing over the last 7 years. Although its season is short (mid April to mid June) it is very prolific and has become a popular seasonal choice for our customers! This year (2017) we are also extending our Pumpkin fields and plan to give you the opportunity to ‘pick your own’ in time for halloween!

The other important part of our growing programme are bedding and hanging basket Plants. We take great care to produce plants that are strong and healthy so they have the best possible start to flourish in your garden. We transform one of our glass houses into a Plant Centre during Springtime for customers to purchase our plants, participate in our popular hanging basket workshops and even house their pots when they go on holiday!

We host guided tours of our Farm for school children, agricultural students and interested customers over the warmer months, so do contact us on this booking form if you would like to see behind the scenes!

Farmer Chris (Barton)


Spring: Asparagus

Canalside Plants

Spring: Bedding & Pot Plants

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Summer: Strawberries, Raspberries & Blackberries

Autumn: Pumpkins

The Farm supplies our Farm Shop and Café as well as many other small businesses across Staffordshire