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seasonal plant centre items



Throughout the year a selection of plants are available outside of our Farm Shop


plant centre beautiful bedding plants

Bedding Plants

Plants in Stock:

Alyssum, Ageratum, Antirrhinum, Begonia, Dahlia, Gazania, Impatiens, Lobelia, Marigolds, Mimulus, Nicotiana, Salvia, Verbena and the award winning Petunia Nightsky!

Canalside Plants

Pot Plants

Plants in Stock:

Bacopa, Trailing Begonia, Brachycome, Calibrachoa (Million Bells), Fuchsia, Geranium, Nepeta, Surfinia (Trailing Petunia), Nemesia Easter Bonnet and Verbena

hanging basket

Ready Made Displays

Ready Made Hanging Pots
A selection of colourful Surfinia or Fuchsia in recycled pots

Ready Made Hanging Baskets
A mixed selection of trailing plants in wicker baskets

Wendy potting plants

Workshops & Events

Free Hanging Basket Workshops
Hands-on tuition for Customers on 10th, 11th, 16th & 17th May 2017.  See below to book your place today!

Private Hanging Baskets Events
Our Plant Centre is available to book for private groups including seasonal plants and expert tuition.
Please complete our request form

We also stock a variety of vegetable plants including: Tomatoes, Runner Beans, Leeks, Onions and Sweet Corn 


petunia nightsky

‘Petunia Nightsky’

Due to popular demand, we shall again be stocking the world’s first speckled petunia. It’s deep purple petals resemble a bright starry night sky and are truly magnificent! [Winner of the The Fleuro Star 2015/16]

‘Bee Alive’

A new plant variety this year is the beautiful ‘Bee Alive’ – its super honey scent and high levels of nectar mean it attracts pollinators such as bumble bees and wild butterflies into your garden. Just wonderful!

Listen to Chris sharing his favourite plants of this season


We have a wide range of beautiful indoor and outdoor potted containers and baskets to suit any budget, style and taste!


Clover Multi-Purpose Compost: 75L bag 

We have used Clover compost for many years due to its great quality!
Manufactured from 100% Irish Peat with a perfect balance of lime and plant foods which promotes healthy growth from seed to full bloom. Contains a wetting agent for easier watering

Clover Grow Bags: 40L bag 

Specially formulated compost to grow vegetables from tomatoes to Aubergines! Suitable for Greenhouses, Patios & Balconies

Fresh Moss (the natural basket liner!)

We sell any amount of moss you require: Large bags (which make six, 8″ x 14″ wire baskets); Half bags or just enough for a basket!


Event Details

Dates: Sorry, workshops now finished until next year!
Spaces: 15 places are available on each workshop
Price: Free entry! You will be charged only for items you use
To Book:  Please go to our Events page, choose the workshop date and make a booking – simple!
To Bring: Bring your own baskets, containers or pots to fill at the workshop
Any Questions? Contact Wendy on 01889 881747 or email:

Our free Hanging Basket workshops are established annual events for all our customers. Due to popular demand, we shall be holding 4 sessions this year, at which we will demonstrate how to create stunning displays that will last all summer long and assist you in creating your own!

Please bring along your empty hanging baskets, pots or containers (we have stock if required) and everything else you need will be provided inc. a wide selection of beautiful plants, compost, moss and pots of inspiration! You will pay for only what you use on the night.

hanging basket workshop 2015

One of our customers sent us these early and mid summer photo’s of the lovely hanging baskets they created in our 2016 workshop.


hanging basket services

Chris and Wendy Barton (Owners)

We have been growing, creating and establishing hanging baskets for the past 20 years. During this time we have supplied over 50,000 to residential and business locations across Staffordshire, and today offer hanging basket services direct to customers from our Plant Centre.

  • Call & Collect! We make hanging baskets to order of any size, quantity and colour. We will also grow them on and nurture for 2-3 weeks in our temperature controlled glasshouses to ensure they are fully established before collection

  • Bring & Buy! Bring your empty baskets for us to refill with your favourite plants. We will even keep and nurture them for you in our glasshouses (2-3 weeks) ensuring they bloom all summer long when you get them home!

  • Ask our Growers! We are available 7 days a week to offer you help, advice and recommendations for your plants at this very important time of the year. Just pop in and see us anytime!

Wendy's step by step guide on creating beautiful Hanging Baskets



  • Plant up hanging baskets early May. If you can, leave them somewhere warm like a conservatory, to give the plants a chance to settle in the basket and continue to grow. If planted up too early and put outside, the cooler temperatures will ‘check’ the growth and they will take longer to get established and fill out. You can hang them outside during the day, but best to bring them in at night until the air warms up!

  • Make sure you allow the water to be able to drain from your baskets, or else the plants will get waterlogged and the roots will rot.

  • It is essential to water baskets daily! Even if it has been raining, there is often not enough rain to make it worthwhile. The start or end of day is best as it gives the plants plenty of time to absorb the moisture. Midday can be too hot making the water dry up quickly. Also the wind can dry out your plants! Never let the compost get too dry as the water will just go straight through. If this happens take the basket down and sit it in a sink/container of water until it is saturated again.

  • Dead head flowers regularly to stimulate growth and keep your baskets looking attractive! The simplest method is to just pinch off the faded blooms with your finger and thumb (try to remove the flower with its stalk to ensure the plant looks tidy). Use secateurs or scissors for any tough or stringy stems!


Our bedding plants are well established and sold in pots containing slow release fertiliser to give them a healthy start in your garden.

Our tips to ensure they continue to live a long a happy life:-

  • Choose bedding plants with a specific place in mind, as this will play an important part in their survival. Some plants flourish in the sun others in the shade – best not to mix them up!

  • It is best to ‘harden off plants’ before planting i.e. after coming out of a warmer environment like a glasshouse, move the plants outdoors for a portion of the day to let them acclimatise to the outside temperatures.

  • Be wary of planting them too early. Days can be very warm, but nights can still get quite cold. Prolonged cold spells can make the plants growth dormant and frosts can still damage them long term. Try to cover them up if you can!

  • Dead head plants if possible (i.e. take off the dead flowers). The decaying flowers can fall onto the leaves and this can make the leaves start to decay

A small selection of plants are available all year round outside our Farm Shop