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Canalside Coffee

coffee beans

The story behind every cup of our Coffee

From the Equatorial Bean Belt to the Staffordshire Canal Side!

Stage 1

The Coffee Farms


Our Coffee is made from a blend of beans grown on trees in Ethiopia, India, Costa Rica and Brazil. As soon as the coffee berries turn red they are hand picked and the green beans extracted, sun dried for 3 weeks and packaged in sacks to ship

Stage 2

to the Shipping Ports

cargo ship

The hessian sacks arrive at the docks (via horse, cart and truck!) and are loaded on to cargo ships for their 3-6 week journey to the UK. On arrival they are transported by road to Chartley Coffee’s roasting plant in Hixon, Staffordshire

Stage 3

to Chartley Coffee

The Chartley team await the weekly call from Wendy for a fresh batch of coffee, after which the magic begins! Head Coffee Roaster Ben, precision roasts then blends the beans and within 72 hours our Milano coffee is ready to go! 

Stage 4

to Canalside Farm

Cafe waitress making warming cappuccino

The bags of rich Milano are hand delivered to our Farm by Chartley Coffee owner Vic or Martin (we are only 3 miles down the road!) and there they meet their destiny – a 45 second journey through our barista machine into your cup!

Stage 5

to You!

Special Canalside Customer enjoying tea!

You can now sit back, relax and enjoy a Canalside Coffee! We hope that you find its extraordinary journey from the equatorial bean belt to your cup has all been worth it!


Chartley Coffee in Staffordshire supply our Cafe

Chartley Coffee are a family business based just 3 miles down the road in Hixon! They were our first choice when we opened our Cafe in 2014 and remain so today for 3 very good reasons:-

  • They roast to order and quickly deliver our fresh coffee by hand! The team at Chartley (Vic, Sue, Owain, Martin, Julie, Steve and Ben) only roast when we need to replenish our stock (weekly!) and personally deliver it to our door, ensuring that we serve you the freshest cup of coffee every time!
  • They value quality above anything else! Owain says that when he selects their coffee beans he is not taken in by sales speak, nor impressed with fancy packaging, or put off by high prices. It’s all about how good it tastes!
  • They are Triple Certified! Chartley Coffee is certified by The Rain Forest Alliance, Organic Soil Association and Fairtrade, who are committed to sustainable coffee production and responsible farming – values we also hold dear and know that our customers do too!
Chartley Coffee Staffordshire
rainforest alliance certified

UK Coffee Week donations 2016


Ma Angelistina, Tanzanian Coffee Farmer

“We would like to thank our customers  for donating a total of £100 during UK Coffee Week to help Ma Angelistina (a widow) operate her small organic coffee farm in Tanzania. She earns just £200 to £400 a year for her coffee beans so this sum of money will go a long way to helping her pay her farm bills and invest in her crop for next season. We have arranged for every penny raised to reach Angelistina personally.

Chris Barton, Farmer-Owner of Canalside (18th April 2016)

coffee farmer angelestina receives Canalside Farm's donation

Ma Angelistina receives your donations in Tanzanian Shillings

“Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! This money will help me in running my coffee farm from today!

Ma Angelistina (26th May 2016)

(translated from Swahili by Mary Kalikawe, who converted and delivered the money on our behalf)


Jeremy & Chris discuss farming matters

“I am delighted that Canalside have taken this initiative. I worked with smallholder coffee farmers in Tanzania for many years and know how important it is for them to have the personal support of those who buy their coffee.” 

Jeremy Lefroy, UK Member of Parliament for Stafford constituency