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Baking the Canalside Way!

“Happiness is Home Baked!”

Here at Canalside Farm we are a little bit obsessed with baking, and our Head Cook Julia (our Head Cook) loves to create her favourite cake and bread recipes for our Cafe Customers to enjoy!


Meet our Head Cook Julia!

Julia has had a life long passion for baking. Away from baking cakes for our Cafe customers she is regularly asked to make our staff family members’ birthday cakes, which is a great endorsement of her skills particularly when she has to face them in work the next day!

Julia also runs our seasonal food based workshops held at holiday time for Canalside’s younger customers, and has 3 children of her own to keep her on her toes when it comes to creating fun, imaginative, healthy and tasty dishes in the kitchen!

Julia hopes to inspire all customers to “get into the kitchen and bake the world a better place!”